About the company

The furniture factory “Interior – Center” began its work in 2006 with a small workshop producing cabinet furniture. We have developed going hand in hand with our consistent partners. Over the years, a small workshop has turned into a prosperous furniture factory with a well-functioning mechanism for large-scale production. We are proud of our achievements because behind each of them are years of serious work of each employee and the entire company in general. Furniture factory “Interior – Center” is an awareness of the needs of the client and a desire to grow and develop. Cooperation with many partners of the company estimates years and even decades, which indicates the seriousness of our approach to work and excellent growth prospects. It is important for us to make the quality of products and services remain at the same high level, thanks to which hundreds of large and medium-sized companies have chosen us.

Benefits that help us succeed commercially since 2006:

  • Own production and storage areas;
  • Constantly expanding equipment – only the best manufacturers from around the world;
  • A strong team of professionals proven over the years;
  • Multilevel quality control of products;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • Warehouse program to minimize delivery times;
  • Competitive prices;
  • Furniture warranty – 2 years, during which all identified deficiencies are eliminated free of charge;
  • Furniture lifetime is 10 years.

Do you need a reliable supplier of cabinet furniture with an established quality control system, stable prices and ever-expanding range of furniture? The company “Interior Center” is pleased to offer its services as a responsible partner that is able to protect and defend the interests of its customers.

We confidently look ahead, we are always open for cooperation and we are ready to provide you with truly favorable conditions!

Furniture factory “Interior-Center” is a laureate of many professional awards and prizes, which is the guarantor of the quality of the products and distinguishes the company as a reliable supplier.